Alloy-Small Group Personal Training

Alloy is small group personal training that focuses on achieving your fitness goals all while supporting and motivating each other.

Each class is led by one of our professional personal trainers, who coach, guide, and correct your form while following the Alloy curriculum for building strength and losing fat.   Alloy is a progressive program with three levels :

  • Foundations – 24 minute class with rest periods built in.  Beginners to Alloy will start at this level.
  • After Burn – 30 minute class.  Less rest periods, increased intensity.
  • Industrial – 30 minute class.  Focuses on strength and building muscle. 

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How do I start Alloy?

Start achieving your personal fitness goals with a personal fitness evaluation where the personal trainer will get to know you and what your goals are.  They will review the three levels of classes and discuss the days and times they run to place you with a small group that fits your needs. Click the box below to begin!


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